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A New Heart by Jubileelewis

A New Heart by Jubileelewis

As the days in January start to roll by I revel at how God has once again made another new year. I hear a prayer begin to emerge from a cry in my heart, “Lord, this year . . . make me new too.”  

Through this “wife’s new year’s challenge” I have began to realize my desperate need for God to make me new. Somehow over the many years of being married, I went from being a beautiful new bride with a sweet and tender heart, to transforming into a bossy and bothersome wife.

All that newness, all that freshness I felt as a bride, so alive with love and eager to please and pamper my husband, seemed to fade away with the passing years. A gentle heart that once felt overflowing with adoration for my husband, morphed into a hardened and stubborn heart that sought to enforce my own agenda.

For years I have been insisting on “doing it my way”.  Today I stare at the realization of where that has brought me . . . and how that has disfigured my once new and tender heart.  Truth is . . . my ways don’t work!

I feel the Lord lovingly embrace me and I sense His Spirit direct me in the next step.  I must surrender . . . surrender it all. My ways. My fears. My frustrations. My hurts. My heart. I must surrender it . . . and place it in His life giving hands.  

Ladies, when we surrender we are saying to the Lord, “I trust you. I believe your ways are true and better than my own, and even though I don’t know how you are going to make it all beautiful and new, I will choose to rest in the assurance that you will.”

The Lord says in Ezekiel 36:26, “And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.” 

The Lord delights in making old things new. In transforming the broken into the beautiful. In these short few days of this new year, I am already seeing this occur. Fresh, new growth is sprouting out from within me, and to my delightful surprise, it is spreading into my husband’s heart as well.

So tell me Ladies, has your heart been broken? Have you allowed layers of hurt and disappointment to cover your sweet and tender heart? Do you feel a cry from within rising up and saying, “make me new too?”   Then let’s take our hearts to Jesus and pray  . . .


Dear Lord Jesus,

I realize that I have continued to do things my way, to get my needs met. And I recognize that it has not worked, but instead it has corroded my heart.  Please forgive me Jesus. Forgive me for not doing things as you have called me to. Forgive me for my actions, my thoughts, and the hardening of my heart.  Today I ask you to come into my heart and make me new. Peel the layers of past hurts and disappointments away, and reveal a new tender heart. I surrender it all to you Lord Jesus. Help me have a heart of a beautiful new bride, and help me to remember that in everything I do . . . I do it to glorify you. In your precious name, Amen.


This is the third post in a new year’s challenge series on becoming spirit lead wives. Our action steps thus far are:

  1. Live by the Spirit and not by the flesh
  2. Surrender it all into Jesus’ hands
  3. Allow God to give you a new, tender heart

Remember Ladies, a new heart doesn’t act in old ways, instead it pauses and prays!


Please come back and continue on this new year’s challenge with your group of Besties, as we join together and glorify God!  Love you Ladies!



diane square   Diane Swan is a Professional Christian Counselor, Speaker and Blogger who is passionate about using her God given gifts to assist ladies in living victorious lives in Christ. She enjoys sharing true life messages that relate to the complex lives of every day women and leaves them feeling equipped to be more than conquerors in all their battles. Diane and her husband Todd are the founders of Seven Swans Ministries, an organization devoted to living out the gifts of the Spirit by offering a unique array of services to encourage, edify and expand God’s kingdom. Connect with Diane anytime: [btn text=”Facebook” tcolor=#008000 bcolor=#FFF link=””] – [btn text=”Twitter” tcolor=#008000 bcolor=#FFF link=””] – [btn text=”Pintrist” tcolor=#008000 bcolor=#FFF link=””] – [btn text=”Website” tcolor=#008000 bcolor=#FFF link=””] 

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