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I Hate Thursdays!

take the trash out

I hate Thursdays!

Do you know why I hate Thursdays?

Because Thursday is trash night.

Do you know why I hate trash night?

Because I always forget that it is trash night!!!

After a lifetime of taking out the trash I am still perplexed as to why this particular activity is so difficult to remember!   It occurs on the same day every week. It has more consistency than any other event in my life, and yet after all these years I still have not mastered the simple task of remembering to take out the trash! UGH!  (Frustration continues to rise within, inhaling deep breathes now)

If you, your husband, or your children frequently forget this significant yet insignificant day of the week, please like and share this post on Facebook.  This will be a way of providing encouragement for me, and the rest of us out there that have two weeks worth of trash piling up in our garages.

Or perhaps better yet, if you have some how discover life’s hidden secret to overcoming the elusive ability to remembering this event, please help a sister out and share your wisdom in the comments below.

I have been so desperate that I have even purchased these little reminder magnets that I hoped, with the help of Jesus, would  supernaturally assist me in remembering this blessed weekly event.

Just to make it fun, I will even randomly choose one of you to win this magnet if you too confess that you are trash night handicapped as well.

take the trash out

Please join me in praying for supernatural healing from this curse.

Dear Lord Jesus, please deliver us from the bondage of trash night and help us to remember to take out the trash!


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