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Calling All Women!

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Hello Ladies!! (I stress the word “Ladies” here because men . . . there will be way too much estrogen in these blog posts than you would care to experience.)

Welcome to Diane’s Blog at Seven Swans Ministries! I’m Diane Swan and I am all about wanting to know you!

Ever since I can remember I have always had this deep down desperate need to be connected to a group of girls that I could call my Besties. As a child, I was that little girl screaming on the inside, “Please be my friend!”  And, now as a grown woman the scream has transformed into, “Please let ME be a friend to YOU!”

Why am I screaming that on the inside and in written word?

Well, mostly because I have learned that there is a great and powerful positive impact that occurs in our lives when we as women come along side of each other.  During the times in my life that I didn’t have ladies to lean on, laugh with, and feel uplifted by, I inevitably felt alone, inadequate and insignificant.  And more importantly, I am learning that I am NOT the only one that feels this way.

As a professional counselor, women frequently confide in me that they are longing to be included and accepted within a social sphere of encouraging and fun friends. At Church, as the Director of our Women’s Ministries, I watch new ladies enter our family of spiritual sisters and break out of the shell of discouragement and isolation into the empowering love and acceptance of friendship.

So what does all that have to do with blogging?

If we as Ladies are going to come together, join forces, and experience laughter and support as a group of Besties, then we need a safe place to do it!  We need a home that all of us can say we are a part of and we belong to. That is the purpose of this Blog, to be that home.

Please understand Ladies that this Blog is not for me . . . this Blog is for us!

It’s the nest that we’ll keep coming back to, it’s the sisterhood that we will be akin to, and it’s the platform that we will stand on to reach new heights and claim new victories in our lives,  because together we are better! 

Ladies, I don’t claim to know it all or have it all. I definitely don’t claim to be it all .  But what I know, what I have, and what I am, I bring as a small gift to you. My prayer is that God would receive and multiply these gifts. What does that multiplication look like? I believe that when I put out my little piece, my little posts, and you Ladies add your comments (your little pieces of life, and wisdom, and struggles and hurts) that together it will truly become a place where joy, love and freedom reign.

How do you become a part of this group of Besties?

Like any relationship we need time together and interaction.  This Blog is the answer!  It provides a space to be together with each other and a space to interact on a variety of topics.  Just follow the Blog, and add yourself to it by posting comments on the website and on social media pages.  Grab  your cup of Joe (or whatever is your personal nectar of heaven), press pause on your day, and share what’s on your heart.  Our girl talk through the posts will allow us all to grow closer together by getting to know one another.

What topics will be discussed on the blog?

Let’s face it Ladies, we need to start winning some more of the battles in our lives!  This Blog is designed to speak to you, “the everyday woman”, through messages that will encourage you  in living a life filled with victory.  We will discuss some of the common battles we as women face with some added humor for spice 🙂 .  Topics will include: the many challenges of parenting (currently one of my greatest challenges is parenting children in college, dear Lord do I ever need His help with this one!), difficulties in our relationships, our fears and stuck points, and our walk with God.  The best part is you can feel free to post comments and send me emails with suggestions of other topics that are most near and dear to your heart.  Ladies,  I can’t wait to see what God does through our girl time together!

Still not sure who I am or what Seven Swans Ministries is all about?

Trust me I know there is a lot of crazy people out there blogging on the internet, and I affirm the importance of knowing who it is that you are linking up with.  So let me settle your fears a bit by telling you that yes  . . . I am one of those crazy people . . . however it is mostly in a very good way.  To find out more about me and my crazy tendencies, go to my website at and click on the About Diane Page (and get the real deal scoop!).  While you’re there check out all the different services that Seven Swans Ministries has to offer, and don’t forget to enter your email address and automatically be enrolled to win our “Random Monthly Giveaways”. (Come on, it’s worth it, everybody loves free stuff!)

How do you access the Blog?

Super simple, and Ladies I am all about making things easy! Just go to the website and click on the Blog Page (or visit us on our Facebook page and click on the blog post there in the news feed, it will take you to the Blog immediately).  New blog posts will be displayed every Monday and Friday mornings.  Busy on those days of the week? No problem! The posts always stay on there in order of the date posted, so you can read them and comment on them at your convenience.  And while you are there, don’t forget to click on one of the social media icons directly above the blog post for easy access to repost it to your own Facebook page, Pintrist or Twitter Account. (Yes, you guessed it, and get more chances to win one of our “Giveaways”. You know I am a good girlfriend when I give you cool stuff for free just because I love you!)

So come a little closer Ladies, let’s go a little deeper and get to know and support each other’s heart.

Remember, together we are better!

Diane Swan


“Two people can accomplish more than twice as much as one, they get a better return for their labor. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But people who are alone when they fall are in real trouble.”  

Ephesians 4:9-10