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About Todd


Who am I?

Let’s start with what I do for a living:

I have been in the construction field for twenty years.  I started as a carpenter and two decades later I still am! (with the battle scars to prove it!)  During those years I have been a construction manager, business owner, and construction administrator.

Currently I have the most challenging and rewarding job that is available…

I get to be a teacher.

I now have the opportunity to teach young men and women about the carpentry profession.  Over the seven years that I have been a teacher I have realized that its not just about teaching students and preparing them for a career in construction, but it is to help them be a success in whatever field they choose to go into.  This is the incredible experience that I get to have every day!

Now, what I do while I’m living:

I am a husband and a father.  

I am incredibly blessed by having my wife as my partner.  We are complimentary in our abilities and talents, and we are unified as parents.  We work on our marriage daily and try to foresee the needs of each other.  Make no mistake, it’s definitely not perfect, but we strive to live our lives as husband and wife in the manner that is instructed by God.  We share tears, celebrations, and a lot of laughter. (lots of laughter!)  Diane really is my best friend.

My children are amazing.  I enjoy the experience at all of the ages.  While it can be difficult, watching them grow into adults is a joy that I can’t describe.  They each have different personalities and viewpoints, but I am thrilled that they make us a part of their everyday experiences.  They even ask me my opinion sometimes!!  (Awesome right?)


I played the guitar in my early teens only to give it up by the time I was an adult.  In hindsight it was probably a good thing because I wasn’t saved and my taste in music was purely self-indulgence.

Then came the gift (first the physical, then the spiritual). On my thirtieth birthday, my wife bought me a guitar.  She knew that I enjoyed playing and had been contemplating picking it up again.   It wasn’t long before God placed a desire in my heart to play for Him all the time.   I began the process of teaching myself how to play the right way, for the right reasons . . . to glorify Him.

This quickly became a focus in my life, my wife would say sometimes a little too much of a focus.  I have struggled with the musicians’ disease known as “gear acquisition syndrome”. (Wanting some kind of new gear all of the time) By the grace of God, and my wife, I think those days are mostly behind me.

The music connection…

For some, the closest connection they have with God happens when they are in prayer, at church, and even when they are alone in the woods.  For me, that connection happens when I play music.  Its like lifting up prayer, praise, and worship without saying a word.

I love that music can help to evoke emotions and create an atmosphere.  It is my goal to help others experience and connect with the presence of God through the act of worship.

The studio…

My wife really is incredible.  Several years ago she listened to me talk about a calling to create and record music.  Listening to the Holy Spirit we built our own recording studio in our home.  What a sanctuary this has become for me and other artists.  It is a place to play as loud as we like and not bother anyone else in the house.  More importantly, it has become a place to worship Him.

So who is Todd Swan? Simply stated I am a carpenter, teacher, husband, father, musician, but most of all a follower of Christ.

Welcome to Seven Swans Ministries!

todd and diane

Todd and Diane Swan

3 thoughts on “About Todd”

  1. Jeff Redding says:

    Todd .. We have prayed for you for years and will continue to do so … Mawcore, formerly Blushing Well, and in your time P.I.A. keeps you and your blended family in our hearts and prayer closet. Keep Living Openly and Loudly for Jesus!

  2. Vicki says:

    You are amazing, an inspiration and a good role model. So glad to have you as a brother-in-law.

  3. Joshua Redding says:

    It is so awesome to see all the blessings God has brought you way. Your willing heart and humble spirit is a true gift from God. Blessed to have some history with you.

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